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Restoring TV to la familia


What is Vida Television Network

The 1st and only bilingual family-friendly TV station in the country.

We define family-friendly TV as television that can be enjoyed by anyone in the family without compromise to family values. We understand the influence of the media industry and are intentional about providing quality content. As pioneers, we look to partner with vendors and producers that share our same passion.

Our Program Familia
These are a sample of some of the programs airing on VIDA TV. Many are Video on Demand on our ROKU channel.
Vive Mas
Vive Mas
Tues and Thurs @ 2:00pm AND ON-DEMAND (ROKU)

The Christian View is the latest in the addition to the VIDA TV programming family. The Christian view takes topics of today and matches them with true biblical insight.

Nueva Muzak
Nueva Muzak
Weekdays Adoracion 7:00am and urban @ 3:30pm

VIDA MUZAK ‘ Muzak is the Hebrew word for Covering. So what we call our music program is Vida Muzak – Life Covering. 
Two versions of the program we air. 

Escuela Para Padres
Escuela Para Padres
Lun y Vie 5:00pm / Mie. y Dom. 5:15pm

Dr. Miguel Angel Nuñez comparte principios bíblicos de como ser el padre a sus hijos y llevar fruto en ese rol de ser padres. El ser padre es un honor, privilegio y confianza dada por Dios a nosotros …