We Are Familia

Vida Family TV is made up of producers of content who we consider "familia". We help them get the word out to our viewers. Telling their story for maximum impact.

Below you will be able to see some of the programs and their producers. Please feel free to visit their sites and social media and let them know you watched on VIDA Family. 

As well if you feel let most of them are non-profit and could use a donation to help them produce more content.

We are always looking for new producers of content...

we have many opportunities for you.

Meet Our


Espanol - Testimonios - Realidad

180 Grados

180 GRADOS presenta historias reales de personas que han experimentado un cambio de vida en Cristo Jesús.

English - Talk Show - Late Show

Chuckie Perez Show

Hosted by Chuckie Perez, the show features a blend of family-friendly interviews, stand-up comedy, live performances, comedy skits, games, and more.

Espanol - Testimonios - Ministerio

La Vida Ahora

La Vida Ahora es en el formato magazine con temas da actualidad. Con testimonios de vida real y lecciones biblicas un programa para el crecimiento espiritual.

English - Testimonio - Evangelism

Way Of The Master

a fast-paced, family-friendly talk show with a reality television twist. Captivating interviews with well-known guests, and colorful man-on-the-street witnessing encounters.

Espanol - Ministerio - Afiliado


CTN International is our affiliate channel. We re-broadcast some of their content - hilighting the ministry of Wanda Rolon in Puerto Rico.

Espanol - Noticias Int'l

Mundo Cristiano

Mundo Cristiano, cuenta las noticias más actuales a nivel mundial, desde una perspectiva espiritual, Producción de CBN News.

English - Talk - Entertainment news

Faith On Film

A weekly podcast style tv show hosted by Isaac Hernandez, designed to keep you informed on what's going on in the faith based film world.


Espanol - Charla - Jovenes


Programa de debate, donde jóvenes y especialistas discuten abiertamente temas controvertibles, problemáticas...

English - Talk - Family Chat

Dominion Today

Outreach ministry from The Bridge Ministries (SC). Dr. Marc and Blanca Garcia share in an open format about family, leadership and more on Dominion Today.

Espanol - Intervistas - Testimonios

Vive Mas

Desde México, CBN lanza su nuevo programa titulado, “Vive+”. “Vive+” ofrece las experiencias y testimonios de diversas personalidades ...

Espanol - Realidad

Vida Dura

Por más de 20 años hemos visto en Vida Dura cómo cientos de personas han logrado escapar del infierno en que vivían…

English - Cooking - Recipes

Grannies Family Meals

Recipes, guests come together with Bettie Blauser (Granny) to cook what all of us know as "Grandma's cooking". From Faith Unveiled TV.

English - News - Testimony

700 Club Interactive

700 Club Interactive - your daily dose of inspiration, encouragement, and entertainment!

Espanol - Charla - Equipar


Ven te invito a tomar un café... Compartir testimonios, compartiendo la Fe en Dios, anécdotas, charlas, entrevistas y mucho más.

English - Talk - Topics

The Christian View

The Christian View TV Show has a variety of today's topics and discusses the Word of God in each of them.