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We began the journey in 2016 launched under Canal Nueva Vida. With the tutaledge and assistance of WGGS TV16 ;  we launched OTA (Over the air) channel 28-1. 

Our launch was primarily all spanish language content. We then rebranded under VIDA TV in 2017 and began our “OTT” journey via ROKU and shared Amazon Fire TV platforms. As well expanding our content to both english and spanish to reach and represent 2nd generation Latinos. 

in 2018 we adjusted the name to prepare for further branding ideas as VIDA Family TV. We also expanded our reach to include TV everwhere on every platform. 

Since then we have grown in content and viewership to include more than 196K viewing minutes in 45+ countries in 2020.

Family Friendly

Family friendly is a relative term, as each family is different. We take every precaution to make sure that the content on our channel does "promote" drugs, sex, violence - however if we have content that does contain it as part of their story to us this is real life and not showing it will be an injustice.


The billenial is a the bilingual milenial- our target age group is between 13-45 years of age. Although we know much of our audience is beyond 45 we understand that the content being mixed English and Spanish is a blessing to any age group who are bilingual.

not a dream - a mission

Why Pioneer?

Vida Family TV is very intentional about reaching the billennial generation (bilingual millennials).

Marc Garcia - President

Television has become a challenge for parents. Long gone are the days where you can allow your child to watch TV and not worry “too much” about what is being watched. We believe it is time to “restore TV to la familia,” and this is where Vida Family TV comes in. We make programming available for children, teenagers, in addition to the whole family. We play movies that you can watch with your family. 

Vida Family TV is very intentional about reaching the billennial generation (bilingual millennials). We are excited to put a spotlight on the diversity that exists within Latino culture. Billennials and their families want to see someone they can relate with on TV in a positive light. Wouldn’t you agree?

Commercial advertising on Vida TV is open to products and services that support the values of our channel’s family-friendly message.

Dr. Marc A Garcia

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