Fuego Fresco

Fuego Fresco es una programa producido por Nueva Vida Media y la meta es ayudar ministros, organizaciones comunitarias contar su historia. Dejar un impacto en la audiencia que causa acción.

Fuego Freso “Fresh Fire” is a program produced by Nueva Vida Media and the goal is to help ministers, and community organization share their story. Leaving an impact on the audience that causes action.

Usted puede ser parte – no hay ningún costo solamente su tiempo. Llena el formulario en esta pagina y nosotros le llamaremos para hacer su cita para grabación.

You can be a part – there is no cost other than your time. Fill out the form on this page (Below) and we will contact you to schedule your recording date.

Information Form / Informativo

Please fill out the form below for appearence on Fresh Fire (Fuego Fresco)

  1. Name/Nombre
  2. Ministry Name/Nombre de Ministerio
  3. Website / Pagina de Internet
  4. Senior Pastor Name/Nombre de Pastor (if not self)
  5. Address
  6. City
  7. State / Estado
  8. Zip Code
  9. Phone Number
  10. Email
  11. Tell us why you would like to be a part? Favor de dejarnos saber el razon de poque deseas ser parte.
  12. Is there any specific info you want shared in the graphics of your information? Use this area if there is a general email you want used instead of your direct email.
  13. What contact information do you want made public EmailPhone
  14. Primary Language / Lenguaje Principal
  15. Terms: Production is property of Nueva Vida media LLC all rights to production is released to Nueva Vida Media LLC and its partners. Nueva Vida LLC and prospect has not entered into any agreement of compensation or charges for production of said program. Checking the box indicates agreement of terms.

We thank you for being a part of this, our goal is to help you and your ministry and of course impact the community with your testimony/ministry. Once this is received and a date is set for recording we will reply to you with the information on the date and a blank production sheet which can help you understand what is expected and to help you be prepared for recording.